Develop an idea

Find a solution


Write it down

Manage and participate

Get hands dirty

Get off the paper


Project Planning and Advice

Want to turn your big ideas into measurable results but do not know where to start? The mission of the Engineer of Ideas is to plan and execute your projects efficiently, bringing you the latest tools and methodologies for engineering, marketing and finance, successfully used by companies and entrepreneurs around the world.


Developing your business idea depends heavily on planning, and nothing wiser than carry it with excellence. The project planning can be seen as an insurance policy where focus and objectivity are integral parts of the game and thus reduce the risk factors involved in changing environments.

Reduce uncertainties, deliver on time, on budget and most important make sure people are always going in the same direction to stay motivated and grow around a common goal.


More than just say how and when to do, we want to be by your side and get hands dirty to help you achieve your goals. We want to be your partner and join your project from beginning to end, supporting you in all the critical phases, accelerating the solution of problems that may arise during the execution of the plan.

Prepare and participate in the action plan, committing to the final results while finding the right people to meet the needs so you can focus on activities that add value to your project.

Areas of Expertise


Strategic planning, processes mapping and management, business models and business plans development.


Financial planning, financial modeling, economic feasibility analysis and valuation.


Marketing planning, branding, website development, print and digital materials, online advertising campaigns.







This is how we will make your idea come true


Create the business model for your idea

Using the Business Model Canvas methodology


Prototype your product or service to assess the market

Development of your minimum viable product (MVP) for audience feedback


Plan your business strategy

Assessing strengths and weaknesses to map the way forward


Plan the marketing of your business

Evaluate options and define communication channels with the market


Plan the finances of your business

Evaluating investments, costs and revenues to ensure business sustainability


Gather and coordinate your team

Find qualified human resources and make them focused on the common goal


Consolidate all the strategy with business plan

Documenting the business strategy and establish an action plan


Monitor and ensure the implementation of the strategy

Support the action plan implementation keeping the business plan updated