Camarim Lady Laura

Camarim Lady Laura Project (Lady Laura Dressing Room in English)

The Camarim Lady Laura project is an initiative of Luciana Souza, who after conducting a coaching process with Mariana Morena discovered in herself the dream and the potential to create an innovative business in the beauty industry for women.

Due to the friendship created between Luciana and Mariana, we began to frequent the same places and talk about business ideas when we saw the opportunity to work together to leverage her business with some branding and marketing actions.


Concept Camarim Lady layra

Founded on April 24, 2014, the Camarim Lady Laura transforms the lives of women bringing out all the beauty, femininity and super powers that existis in each one, increasing their self-esteem and confidence to overcome every challenge of everyday life directly in the convenience of a beauty salon in their homes.

The Camarim Lady Laura is the first salon that goes where the customer is, taking all the equipment and products needed to make the best makeup and hairstyling services.

The Camarim Lady Laura also offers hairstyle and makeup services for special events like private parties and weddings.


Performed activities

  • Development of logo and business card
  • Development of Facebook page
  • Development of materials for print advertising: banner, card and gift certificate.

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