Fiscontare Accountanting

Fiscontare Project

The Fiscontare Accounting is the business of a great childhood friend, who worked for a long time in various positions related to administration and accounting in large companies when in 2014 found the opportunity to build his own accounting firm together with other three partners, all competent and complementary.

As great friends we are, always discussed ideas and business opportunities planning how to perform them with excellence and professionalism so we saw this project as the opportunity to work together to add value to both businesses.

I assumed the responsibility for developing the Fiscontare Accounting first website, at an affordable cost for a company that was in its early months but still very functional and professional to give them credibility and respect.


Fiscontare concept

The Fiscontare Accounting was created with the specific purpose of being an accounting firm not limited to conventional. Acting with consulting for accounting, tax and personnel department using innovative methods of work and technology tools to optimize the controlling process of organizations.

Providing specialized consulting services to small, medium and large enterprises supporting them with constant updates of the complex Brazilian legislation in the corporate, labor and tax fields.


Performed activities

Institutional Website development