Smart Haus Finishes and Interior

Smart Haus project

During the early years of the CRETATec project operation we were honored to have the support of great people on the team and one of them in particular was Henrique Schappo. He had a unique role in the team. Absorbing all CRETATec concept details in developing sustainable technologies and solutions, Henrique saw a market opportunity in his home town of Blumenau , Santa Catarina, Brazil, where he could take advantage of synergies from close people to create the Smart Haus Finishes and Interiors, specializing in sales and installation of wood floors, baseboards and window blinds.


Smart Haus concept

The synergy between quality manpower by a family friend and Henrique’s¬†entrepreneurial spirit were perfectly complementary to launch the company’s activities in 2010 acting differently in the market, striving for excellence in providing sales and installation services for finishes and interiors, seeking to incorporate in the Smart Haus the concepts of sustainable businesses.


Activities developed for the Smart Haus

  • Development of the first version of the visual identity (branding, and website). Currently remodeled.
  • Support as hand labor in the reform of the store in Blumenau.