Uranium Lifestyle

Uranium Lifestyle Project

The Uranium Lifestyle is a brand created to bring together different influences and activities that shapes the lifestyle of three very close friends, Cristovam Peres, Felipe Peres and Caio Benjamin. We sought to materialize this lifestyle into a business with all passions and styles. Contemporary art, extreme sports, technology, tattoo, respect to nature and attitude are the main themes explored by the Uranium Lifestyle concept.


Uranium Lifestyle concept

The Uranium Lifestyle was born in 2010 with the mission of representing in the most hardcore way, the whole legion of eternal followers and practitioners of the activities that are positioned on top of a social pyramid based in concept and lifestyle.

But it is clear that reaching the top is not so simple, but it is not impossible. At times in life you find yourself surrounded by values ​​based on everything you idealizes, believes and practices, then it is clear that at the moment you found your place.


Uranium Lifestyle Manifesto

Manifesto suggests a course of action, targeting a revolution.
Manifesto is changing lives. It is the concrete basis for all you try to do to change yourself or the world around you.
Your thoughts become your words, so your words will become your actions.
Manifesto is not just another theme, is an invitation to reflection and action.
Manifesto is posture, is conduct. It has to do with behavior and positioning ahead of the facts.
Manifesto is much more than a theme, manifesto is attitude.


Developed activities for Uranium Lifestyle

  • Idealization of the business model
  • Branding
  • Social networks management: Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook advertising campaigns management
  • Production of T-shirts with the brand theme